experiments with building a hindi type!




illustrated  an amazing story written by a 15 yr old for Katha.


posters for an illustration studio  pencil jam. watercolours ,ink, pencils, charcoal everything!




Blank noise is an organization which has been looking at issues that women face in their daily lives. It questions stereotypes ,authority, power,class,rules and every other notion that has been set up by the society for women. with these street signs and posters i  aim to do the same. 


myth:women are responsible for what happens with them  due to what they wear. men have no responsibility .

zip your intention2

street signs formally declaring equal rights to power of speech , authority and presence.

24rrs7  woman power1speak up

back page copy   cover page copy             

As a part of college assignment i redesigned the cover for this book.It features ancient literature on birds. The original one looked as if it was about biological info of birds.

. finally done1

redesigned the cover of my favorite instrumental album, confluence, a very pleasant fusion of santoor and piano.


american boy + japanese girl

a tessellation is a collection of plane figures that fills the plane with no overlaps and no gaps.sounds mundane.

but what if one could suggest a story through tessellations…? this is the first one of the series .